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Report Card

This view allows for a static look at the data for the most recent date you choose and a percent change across the timeline selected. It is best used as a starting point for analysis. The rank within the selected group is also displayed. The metric values displayed for the Peer Group reflect the average of the group.

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School Trend

This view allows for many metrics to be compared against one school. The graph displays the percent change of the metrics in order to identify any possible correlations between them. Highlighting a specific metric will show the absolute values. The School Trend view can also be viewed as a Data Table. To switch between the two display options, click on the Trend View or Table View links directly under the visualization navigation bar.

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Metric Trend

This view allows for one metric to be compared against a school and Peer Group. The graph displays the individual school values for the selected metric. You can also change the display option to show the single metric on a percent change scale for a set of years. The Metric Trend can also be viewed as a Data Table. To switch between the two display options, click on the Trend View or Table View links directly under the visualization options bar.

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This view displays the data in a visual dynamic spreadsheet. The selected schools will first be displayed alphabetically. To order the data according to best value, check the "Sort by Leaderboard" button. If you wish to highlight a particular school across all selected metrics, select the school in any of the metric columns.

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In this view, you must select at least two or optionally three metrics to display a customized scatter plot; one for the x-axis, one of the y-axis. A third metric can be selected to determine the size the circle (z-axis). The view can be animated and played over a selected time frame. The circles will move in relation to one another based on the data.

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The Histogram View displays the distribution of values for a single metric for the selected Peer Group. Each bar in the graph represents a school’s value.

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All of the methodologies associated with the rankings have been added. These can be seen year over year in a chart, in the published methodology article or in a detailed Powerpoint. You are also able to examine exact metric definitions in the Data Dictionary.

The Archive Section houses all of the historical Guidebooks and blank copies of the last few years Statictical Surveys. Each are available for download.

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Editing, Exporting and PDF Resources

Each visualization within AI allows you to adjust the school or Peer Group, metric or Metric Group and time frame you would like to analyze. You can make most of these changes on every view. Hovering over the blue links in the query sentence will expand a dropdown you can use to make these changes.

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