Metric Trend Print


The view allows for one metric to be compared against a school and Peer Group. The graph displays the individual school values for the selected metric. You can also change the display option to show the single metric on a percent change scale for a set of years. The Metric Trend can also be viewed as a data table. To switch between the two display options, click on the Trend View or Table View links directly under the visualization options bar.

Using this View

  1. The x axis shows the selected time frame (edition year).
  2. The y axis shows percent change over time.
  3. By clicking on a school name in this table, the corresponding line will change color to match the zselected school. Alternatively, you can click the line in the graph, which will cause that line to change color, and the school in the table will match.
  4. Users can also select a timescale by dragging their mouse over your desired interval.
  5. Toggle to the Table View, which displays the data points as numbers, and not as percent change. This table will show all values regardless of different units of measurement.

Note: Exporting as an image from the Table View is not possible. Export this view "as data" to see the tabular data as a CSV file. This is available only with a full subscription.

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