About the Data Print

When does new data go live in AI?

New data pushes will coincide with the applicable rankings release date. The data is pushed live to AI at 12:01 the morning the rankings are published on our public website. If you would like a more detailed release date, please reach out to AcademicInsights@usnews.com.

Which schools have data in the platform?

All schools that participate in our annual surveys will have data within the platform.

Why do some schools not have data in the platform?

A common reason a School does not have any data in the platform is that they do not respond to the annual education survey. If a School is missing just a single data point, then it is possible they filled out the survey, but omitted that specific response. If you believe there is an error, please contact the AI team immediately.

Where does AI data come from?

All data in the platform are sourced from U.S. News & World Report annual surveys.

How far back does AI data extend?

The data goes as far back as 1988 (Undergrad), 1994 (Graduate) and 2013 (Online).

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