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In this view, you must select at least two or optionally three metrics to display a customized scatter plot; one for the x-axis, one of the y-axis. A third metric can be selected to determine the size the circle (z-axis). The view can be animated and played over a selected time frame. The circles will move in relation to one another based on the data.

Using this View

  1. Both the x and y axes are dynamic. You can pick which metrics you would like to display for each.
  2. Add another dimension by selecting a metric for the size of the bubbles on the chart. You can also use this view without selecting a metric for "z".
  3. The "avg" flags mark the average of the selected group for both the x and y axis for each year.
  4. Click a school name in this table and the corresponding bubble will be highlighted in the same color. Alternatively, you can select a bubble on the plot and the school name in the table will be highlighted in the same color.
  5. Group labeling will allow you to group your chosen schools or peer groups into particular groups. The fields include: by peer group, classification (only Undergrad) or public vs private. To activate group labeling click the "Label Schools by" icon. A key displaying what each color corresponds to will appear below the box.
  6. The trail line option adds a trail line to a selected school while the animation plays. To display a trial line click the "Show Trail Line for" icon and select the school for which you want to see a trail line.
  7. Play or pause the graph animation over the selected time frame.
  8. Drag the arrow along the timeline to display the data for each year.
  9. Collapse the menus to view the graph at a larger size.
  10. Click here to create a Peer Group from the schools that you have selected within this graph. You need to select at least one school for this button to appear.
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